2016: The Summer of the Kayak

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Welcome to a pictorial retrospective of summer 2016, and some of my/our adventures in our new Clearwater Designs Inuvik and Iqaluit kayaks. My Inuvik Angler allowed me to pursue two life-long passions, spending time in the outdoors and angling — particularly kayak fishing.

CLICK the image “Summer 2016: Kayak Memories” to open full-size gallery with captions.

This gallery begins in the spring, with the purchase of the boats, chronicles a summer of activities on the waters around Ottawa, Ont., Canada and ends with thoughts about our “great” the outdoors. Let me know if you liked it by leaving a comment or share your own experiences, I’d love to hear them.

Although I mention Clearwater Designs several times in this post, I am not employed nor associated with the company. We bought our kayaks from them in the spring and have been very impressed with the boats. They weren’t cheap, but we weren’t looking for cheap rigs. We think we received great boats for a very fair price.

We also enjoyed visiting the factory and outlet when we bought the ‘yaks, so I’m happy to give them a plug.

Clearwater is the only company which designs and builds its kayaks in Canada, at its facility near Belleville, Ont. Here is a link to the Clearwater Designs website.

Another resource you might be interested in … Rapid Media is another Canadian company based in Palmer Rapids, Ont. (about two hours northwest of Ottawa). It publishes four kayaking and canoeing magazines, including Kayak Angler. If you’re passionate about kayak fishing, it’s a great publication and worth a look. Note, however, the website allows only article previews for non-subscribers. Some back issues are available for free downloads, but you must subscribe to view current issues and content.

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