Welcome to Errata Etc. Ottawa, Don Wilcox’s blog

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Welcome to Errata Etc. Ottawa, the blog of writer, editor and digital guy Don Wilcox. Errata Etc. will be as the name suggests, a cross-section of professional and personal interests.

But there will be four main topics, which you can subscribe to (or ignore) via those handy little buttons in the nav area:

  • Writing and Editing with a focus on online, digital and mobile techniques and tips,
  • Events, happenings and observations from Ottawa and Canada’s National Capital Region.
  • Football, particularly amateur ball, including geek-like discussions about the rules (which can differ greatly from the pro game).
  • Fishing, kayaking and the great outdoors in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and environs.

Please be part of the conversation. Add your thoughts, likes and dislikes.

A cautionary note: I enjoy respectful debate but won’t tolerate nasty, mean-spirited or otherwise inappropriate comments. Dealt with enough of that crap when it was my job to moderate online forums at the Sun. Don’t need to see it here.

So grab a coffee, tea, or something stronger if you like, and come along for the ride. Let’s see where we end up today…

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