#ManShopping for Christmas in Ottawa

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When it comes to shopping, most guys can take it or leave it.

I go “shopping” about three days each year. That doesn’t mean I don’t buy food weekly, or hit the hardware store when we need a widget or box of screws. It just means that, like many other guys my age, I’ve got other things to do than wander store aisles. In and out is my mantra.

So, when it’s time to do some Christmas shopping the routine is to plan and research, compile a list of what is needed/wanted, then do a marathon session to get it all done.

Say hello to #ManShopping. Ottawa style. This Storify is a chronological log of one day trekking for those perfect gifts. If you’re on my Christmas list, you won’t find any spoilers, just a bunch of tips, suggestions and some great deals at Ottawa-area stores.

Enjoy. And Merry Christmas. Even you, quacking lady at the food court…

Have any suggestions of your own for a successful ManShopping day? What tips do you have to help out other guys with their ManShopping? Please leave a comment below!

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